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Non c'è pace con le mine

Percorso di educazione allo sviluppo e alla cooperazione 2010-2011

Campagna Italiana contro le Mine Onlus - referente: Daria Iannarelli
Docenti: proff. Concetta Falcone Annamaria Casini
Classe III H

Manifesto del progetto Il percorso ha consentito agli alunni di conoscere l'estensione del problema e le relative misure adottate per contrastarlo.
L'introduzione alle tematiche della pace con attività di simulazione hanno fatto emergere riflessioni e opinioni elaborate e concretizzate con lavori di laboratorio.

Guarda il lavoro degli alunni
What struck you most in this project: A World without Landmines?

Campagna Italiana contro le Mine
Spot della Campagna Italiana contro le Mine
Canzone dei Negrita e Juanes sul problema delle mine antiuomo

A coronamento degli incontri realizzati a scuola la classe è stata invitata (comunicato stampa) dalla Campagna Italiana contro le Mine a partecipare il 4 aprile, nella prestigiosa sede di Palazzo Marino, alla conferenza La Tutela delle popolazioni civili: dal disarmo umanitario allo sviluppo. Al termine della conferenza, la terza H ha chiesto di poter avvicinare Alberto Cairo, personaggio di grande spessore umano e professionale, che li ha accolti con grande disponibilità, rispondendo a tutte le loro domande.
Questa foto lo ritrae (sullo sfondo) in compagnia dei nostri ragazzi.

la 3h alla conferenza a Palazzo Marino
albero realizzato dalla 3H

What struck you most in this project: A World without Landmines?

In the last few weeks, my class attended a course about landmines with our Italian and English teachers. There were 4 meetings and I liked the third one very much.
At the third meeting there was a deminer who talked about how difficult and dangerous it is to remove mines. I very much liked one of the two clips that I saw in my classroom: it dealt with ways to remove mines and showed charts and devices to do it.
At these meetings, we played two games: I enjoyed myself playing blind-fold to save myself from mines.
I hate to think that in the world there are a lot of lost mines and that children are in danger.
Giorgio Ruggieri

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

With this project I came to know what the landmines are. A landmine is an explosive device.
When a person steps on it, it goes off and the person can die or injure himself seriously.
What struck me was the tenacity of the Campaign to Ban Landmines in all countries.
Landmines haven't been banned all over the world, yet, because a country that produces mines earns a lot of money. But it also kills many people or hurts them in their bodies and souls.
Beatrice Stati

The thing that has struck more me was when Giacomo told us of when in Mozambico he saw a child racing towards him that had just stepped on a mine. The child was without an arm.
In this project another thing that has struck me is the game where we had to walk through a (false) minefield. We closed our eyes. This game was very exciting because I thought that in other countries this is not a game: the landmine field is real!
Luca Furfaro

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

The thing that struck me most was the mine game that we played, because I lost one leg, and I couldn't do the things that I like for the rest of my life, and this is terrible.
Tancredi Saba

What struck me most was when Miss. Daria  said that every 20 minutes someone dies because of landmines. Naturally there were also other things that struck me, for example when she told us that in many countries people who are injured because of an explosion don't have the money to buy prosthetics and for this reason they remain maimed for all ther life.
I liked these meetings  so much and I hope that this Campaign will reach its purpose: NO MORE LANDMINES!!!
Eldar Maida

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

During these four meetings with the Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines I learned a lot of things I didn't know about landmines.  Before that I only had a vague idea of what they were able to do. I thought that they switched off after a couple of years and what struck me was that they last at least fifty years, instead.
It was also very interesting to learn about their shape, how they are activated and and how courageous some men are in disactivating them.
It's also a very sad thing coming to know that every 20 minutes children lose their arm or legs because of these explosives.
Alice Maestripieri

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

This project gave me a lot of information and emotions. I understood that a lot of terrible things are happening now, and that a lot of work is necessary to contrast them. In these days, I'm thinking over the things I learned during the course, and what we can do to help all these people that are living a terrible life…
I was impressed by the fact that they remain for many years and that are designed to injure and not to kill, to hurt a country economically. Also, they very often are made in the shape of toys to injure or kill innocent people like children.
If you think of the price of one mine (2,50 euros), you can understand its danger; so if you spend 100 euros you can hit 40 people and may be more. Very cheap.
I think that it'll be great if all the states that buy or produce mines could spend their money in something good and more useful to the population.
Margherita De Risi

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

There are many things that struck me about the project 'A World without Landmines'.
For example that landmines cost 2.50 euros each, but disabling one of them costs 500 euros or that they are created to injure or maim people amd that a lot of people die before receiving help.
The landmines can last more than 50 years. They can kill people after the war and people are scared of landmines even when they go to get water.
A lot of children pick up a toy-landmine and they remain injured but I didn't know that the deminers can help the people that live in a country with landmines removing these with some machines that force landmines to explode, or disabling them by hand. All deminers work 20 minutes and have a rest for 20 minutes before returning to work. Infact, it's a very stressfull job…
Camilla Viola

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

It amazes me that the deminers risk their lives to save the people of other countries. I am surprised also because landmines are not only used to kill people, but also to ruin their whole life and destroy their economy. This is cruel!
Especialy the children die, and this is terrible.
John Valikuddath

With this project I discovered and learned different things, and it made me realize that we are very lucky.
I was struck by the fact thar some of the deminers want to help people make a peaceful life while others go just for the money. I'm very sorry that in many countries, even where there is no war, there is always the presence of mines left by the wars in the past, because mines usually last many years.
I will never forget what happened and is happening even now.
Francesca Antonelli

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

What struck me most about the International Campaign Against Land Mines was the victim assistance that they offer, because people who get injured from land mines need a lot of assistance both physical and psychological.
This assistance is conducted by very helpful people who provide victims with prosthetics, wheelchairs, crutches etc. Sometimes in some countries, there aren't enough prosthetics, so many people don't have them. Children with injuries have to change their prosthetics about every 6 months, and sometimes it's not possible because there aren't enough.
  During this assistance there are some therapy sessions, because victims go through a lot of depression, sadness, stress etc. Women with injuries in some countries don't get married nor raise families...this causes depression and often suicide. The physical assistance is conducted in rehabilitation centers, where people learn to walk and do everyday tasks with crutches and prosthetics.
Therefore this activity helps victims cope and get on with their life. It also helps them regain happiness and confidence.
Ilaria Obata

disegno realizzato dalla 3H

The thing that struck me more is the fact that people risk their lives to get valuable components of mines - such as copper, which is rare in poor countries - and then they go and sell them.
Bianca Portone

In my opinion mines are one of the main problems of the human kind. Every year, infact, many innocent people die or are injured by mines placed in the ground during war-time.
Anti-mines projects try to solve this big problem and so they are very useful. I hope that this project will reach its purpose and so the human kind will get better.
The parts of the world that are more involved in this problem are Africa and Asia. I would like to help this project when I am an adult and travel to this lands that I don't know yet.
The illustration of the project was very interesting. Now I know that armies use different kinds of mines during wars (landmines, anti tank mines etc.). It strikes me what damage a simple mine can do to people or things.
I don't understand why in the 21th century there is still the war. And why scientists invented dangerous things like mines instead of inventing useful things to live all together in peace.
I hope that when I am an adult the world will be better than it is now.
Giulio Aloia


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