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Meeting a Roma 7-10 marzo 2011

Progetto Comenius M.E.T.E.R. 2009-2011

Measuring the Earth Through European students' Research and collaboration
La misurazione della Terra attraverso la ricerca e la collaborazione di studenti europei

Nell'ambito del Progetto Comenius M.E.T.E.R., dal 7 al 10 marzo 2011 la nostra scuola accoglierà una classe della scuola partner Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer  di Amsterdam - Olanda.
Si tratta di 25 studenti e studentesse di età compresa fra i 13-14 anni (accompagnati da 5 docenti).
Gli studenti saranno ospitati presso le famiglie di studenti del Corso H.
In quei giorni, a scuola avverranno workshops guidati da studenti e momenti conviviali e di lavoro comune. Inoltre, la prof.ssa Fucili e gruppi di studenti guideranno le classi ospiti nella visita di luoghi e monumenti di Roma, con un interesse rivolto agli aspetti scientifici e astronomici.

Organizzazione generale:

  • Al mattino gli studenti italiani e olandesi svolgeranno attività insieme: prima a scuola - workshop guidati da studenti - e poi in città - visite di luoghi e monumenti in gruppi.
  • Al pomeriggio gli studenti olandesi visiteranno Roma guidati dai loro insegnanti, accompagnati da piccoli gruppi di studenti e docenti italiani.
  • Dal tardo pomeriggio, fino al mattino successivo, gli studenti olandesi saranno ospitati dalle famiglie.

La responsabile del progetto: Prof.ssa Leonarda Fucili

programma dettagliato

Foto di gruppo al Colosseo


Marzo 2011

A seguito della visita della scuola di Amsterdam, continuo a ricevere dagli insegnanti olandesi lunghe ed articolate lettere che esprimono profonda gratitudine.
Nell'ultima lettera ricevuta, Jos van den Bongaardt (coordinatore olandese del Progetto Comenius) parla di quanto lo scambio e le attività svolte a Roma hanno arricchito non solo gli insegnanti e gli studenti partecipanti, ma abbiano messo in atto un processo di riflessione su come migliorare la loro scuola e la loro didattica (loro che sono all'avanguardia in Europa!). Personalmente mi viene da sorridere, ma nello stesso tempo mi sento onorata di essere ammirata per "la preparazione, la creatività e l'energia che irradio" per le idee e i progetti che ho personalmente elaborato, per la qualità delle attività che ho messo in atto, per la capacità di coinvolgere e collaborare con esperti… Il programma di workshop, attività didattiche e visite che ho pensato e realizzato insieme ai nostri studenti a Roma (e nella nostra scuola con così pochi mezzi!!) li ha "illuminati": altre classi chiedono di poterci visitare, l'intera scuola OSB è in fermento e si auspica non solo di continuare a condividere con noi i progetti Comenius multilaterali  METER (e poi forse TIME), ma di mettere in atto anche Progetti Bilaterali.
Sono certa di fare cosa gradita nel comunicarvi commenti così entusiastici e spero che anche nella nostra scuola il mio sforzo di portare avanti tali esperienze e scambi europei contribuisca a farci riflettere, crescere e migliorare.

Classe JoeriDear Leonarda,
I want to say thank you for erverything! It was a wonderfull exchange. Our students (and parents) learned a lot! Last Friday they were all at school and said many things about the project in the class. They were all very happy and amazed about the project. Some of them said: I never thought that I can walk and learn so much at one day!
There was one thing they concluded: This project has to be continued!
Warm greetings,
Joeri van Ast

in classe a RomaDear Leonarda,
I hope very much you have recovered from the exhausting but also energizing days of our exchange visit.
It is the talk of the past days in OSB, especially in our A-deelschool, where Wendelien, Jet, Joeri and myself  work; collegues and many pupils from other classes keep asking me how it has been, want to see foto's and go themselves next time… if I can arrange that for them. This means that our group is spreading around their very positive experience. Today a foto of two of our pupils in front of Forum Romanum came on the school home/ websitescreen, take a look at
I experience the whole visit as overwhelming succesfull. We are working on a thorough evaluation, teachers as well as pupils (and their parents). It will be usefull for a diversity of goals for the time to come, adapting our lessons in preparation of exchange meetings,  Comeniuswide (METER/ TIME - projects) or bilateral between our two schools. We can learn a lot from this visit, for instance in the preparation from our side. For me it is obvious that your preparation and program were optimal and thoroughly well build up in consequence. I very much appreciate your creative input and admire the energy you spread around. I also realize and admire that you initiate these things on your own and are able to activate your friends/experts for this goal.
There is quite a lot of work to be done at Osb if we want this and the next project to really land in the school and our education, for instance overcome existing resistances from collegue-teachers who give priority to their existing program and books… We did set a "good practice" example with the Meter exchange in Rome, hopefully attitudes are beginning to move in Osb, so the group of willingly collegues can continue their efforts.
Leonarda, "mille grazie" is not enough to express my gratitude towards you for making this  coooperation work successfully. I am one of the happy few who can say that my practice as a teacher is enriched by going with a class of 25 fourteen year old pupils to such a great city as your beautiful Rome, to participate in such a beautiful program and in the meanwhile enjoy such wonderful food in your selection of restaurants,
thank you!
p.s. I'll keep in contact concerning our progress at Osb.
warm greetings, Jos van den Bongaardt

docent/coordinator Techniek Onderbouw & Comenius M.E.T.E.R.
/Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer

Visit of class 2A1 of OSB Amsterdam to G.G.Belli in Rome

Interim short evaluation


lavagna di benvenutoAlready directly after we left Rome, it was clear that all participants, teachers as well as students, were completely satisfied with the wonderful experience we have had in Rome with Leonarda Fucili and her students. Also several days after our return in Amsterdam, we have heart only enthusiastic words about the trip. That is in fact surprising, because first our students were somewhat worry to leave their own environment. And the programme appeared as 'heavy stuff': complete full with meetings, happenings, workshop and presentations concerning cooperation, culture and science.
Reflecting about this experience, we learned a lot about education, concerning two fields: student's attitude and the curriculum.

Student's attitude

nella palestra esternaIn general our students have a good social attitude, they are open and honest. However we noticed also that this attitude normally is restricted to people who they already know, when they arrive in a unknown surrounding a lot of them become shy and not at ease anymore. So at school, in our preparation for the trip, we paid of lot of attention to this aspect. We noticed that also in Rome, the programme paid attention for this aspect. The mini football match after our arriving succeeded to break the ice. It was very high evaluated by our students! Also the careful way in which couples of host and guest students were made, appeared very important.
After the first night at their host families, our students felt already very much at ease.
During the week, several times Dutch and Italian students had to give presentations. Of course, this is a difficult and stressing thing for young students. Especially when it is in English, for everybody a foreign language. We noticed however that our students stayed more fixed on their prepared and written paper, the Italian students spoke more free and confident, improvising. It is something we want to work on also with our students.


in classe a RomaReading the programme before our arrival in Rome, it could appear 'heavy stuff'. We prepared our students by telling them that our week in Rome was school time: take pen, pencils and notebook with you, you will have to work!
What was a great, surprising experience for teachers and students as well, was how 'learning and entering deep in a subject' can be joyful, when it happens in the way it was organised and presented by Leonarda: learning by experience; being on the spot with a sundial and seeing the movement of the sun; using North and South in an orienteering game in a park. Always math and science were connected with art and history. Of course, this is perhaps more easy to do in Rome, but we became convinced that we have to try it also in Amsterdam.
Another important point was the way Leonarda's students express their experiences in their notebooks and diaries. It makes them reflecting about what they did and learned, it gives them something in their hands about which they can be proud, because well made by themselves. At OSB this method is already used in the science lessons, but not in the other subjects. We learned from Leonarda and her students that it can be done better than we do it now and that we have to promote this way of working inside the OSB.
Rupert Genseberger

Students evaluation Comenius project Rome travel 2A1 March 2011
  1. How did you experience the travel (from airport to Italian school and back)?
    • Well organized. Exciting, 1st time flying. Return travel was more nice (lively) than going (quiet and relaxed). Landscape is different. It is like in an amusement park! (Amy).
  2. How did you find the cooperation with the Italian school/students?
    • A new experience (Grace).
    • Cooperation was better than I expected (Ahmed).
    • The children did really their best for us (Nidal).
    • There have been no quarrels (Amar).
    • They would like they had done more with the children of their hosting family.
    • Italian pupils spoke often more their own language than English (Amy). A lot spoke bad English.
    • The Italian school is poor, no toilet paper! (Amar).
  3. How did you find sleeping at your host family? Would you like to have an exchange in Holland with this student?
    • Sleeping at the host family is exciting, scary and first evening/night sometimes difficult. Not everybody was at ease. Later it went well and some would like to stay longer.
    • Just as I was at home (Dave). Nidal slept wonderful, his bed was already prepared!
    • Host family was lovely and open (Ilham and Amar).
    • After school we did also a lot (Ahmed). Very well cared (Mo). Pleasant and hospitable reception.
    • Everybody would like they come to Amsterdam. Pity that at the home of some students there will be no place.
  4. What was for you the highlight of the trip? What has to stay inside?
    (Most quoted at the top)pizza
    • a. Star (pizza)-party (brought us more near each other) and watching the stars.
    • b. Open bus tour.
    • c. Colosseum and Forum Romanum.
    • d. Churches.
    • e. Everything (Jim and Ward).
    • f. Fountains.
    • g. Museum.
    • h. The sociability and cosiness!
    • i. The return flight.
  5. What did you learn?
    • I learned a lot about the monuments and how the school is (Ginger).
    • That everything is very old and special (super) beautiful (Amber).
    • Knowing people and a lot of history.
    • That there is not much maffia in Rome (Juninho).orienteering
    • We learned a lot about stars, sun and sun dials and the time (Dave, Nidal en Ghéhan).
    • I didn't know that there were such a lot of monuments in Rome (Douwe).
    • Learning to know other cultures (home, language and food).
    • Being patient (Suzanne).
    • Those people are generous and open.
    • A lot of beggars (Amar).
    • They don't do anything with the bike (Ward).
    • Some Italian words: tjauw, bonjorno (Emmanuel).
  6. Other comments or suggestions?
    • Doing more with the exchange students.
    • Staying longer (Elisabete en Mo).
    • I would like to return (Elisabete en Mo).
    • The best holiday I ever had, also because I learned to know people (Ward).
    • Less walking, the concentration becomes less.orienteering
    • Those people should learn better English; sometimes I really couldn't understand them.
    • More breaks (Ahmed).
    • More free time.
    • More time for buying souvenirs (Suzanne).
    • I would like to repeat the trip immediately! (Ilham).
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