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Meeting a Roma 13-20 marzo 2010

Progetto Comenius M.E.T.E.R. 2009-2011

Measuring the Earth Through European students' Research and collaboration
La misurazione della Terra attraverso la ricerca e la collaborazione di studenti europei

programma METER

Nell'ambito del Progetto Le Terrazze Astronomiche che prevede un programma di scambi culturali con scuole europee, e in attuazione Progetto Comenius La misurazione della Terra attraverso la ricerca e la collaborazione di studenti europei (METER), dal 13 al 20 marzo 2010 la scuola accoglierà gruppi di studenti e docenti in visita a Roma.

In quei giorni, a scuola avverranno workshop guidati da studenti dei vari paesi e momenti conviviali e di lavoro comune. Inoltre, la prof.ssa Fucili e gruppi di studenti del Corso H guideranno le classi ospiti nella visita di luoghi e monumenti di Roma, con un interesse rivolto agli aspetti scientifici e astronomici (in particolare le meridiane di Roma e il Primo Meridiano d'Italia).

programma dettagliato
programma dettagliato in inglese

The Longitude Problem


In seguito al Meeting Comenius La misurazione della Terra attraverso la ricerca e la collaborazione di studenti europei (METER), 13-20 marzo 2010, la Prof.ssa Fucili ha ricevuto diverse mail di ringraziamento dalle scuole ospitate a Roma.

foto notturna I Love Roma

Dear Leonarda,
I would like to give a fast reaction on our week in Rome with the Comenius project METER. Later I hope to write a more extensive review. It was a wonderful experience: to work on education together with a lot of people and to be in the same time involved in the city of Rome and its rich culture. This visit showed how education can become interesting and inspiring when it is connected with the real world and the history of people. You guided us to see how education can go outside the walls of classrooms and schools and how this method is effective with students, just because the active and interactive ways of working. You succeeded to make clear how your way of teaching works, just because you guided us to experience that by ourselves, like you let your students learn by doing. I became more and more convinced that further development of education can't be reached only by giving lectures or reading books, but that intensively working together of teachers (and students) will be absolutely necessary for gaining results. In retrospective: the most remarkable result was perhaps that here education looked joyful, connected with our own lives and our community, not a heavy burden. It became however clear, that we could have this feeling and result only because the perfect organization of the meeting, concerning activities and time, each day and during the whole week.
Congratulations, first to you (and your co-operators) because your preparation made it possible, but also to all of us (teachers and students) because we liked to be involved and succeeded in it.
Rupert Genseberger

Freudenthal Institute,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University Utrecht
Utrecht, the Netherlands

foto notturna METER

Dear Leonarda,
thank you for this unforgatable week! All of us enjoyed a lot our meeting in Roma. It was perfect. We have produced a lot of activities and it would be great to put everything on the web site…
Millions thanks

Dear Leonarda,
I want to say thanks for the meeting in Rome. It was really nice and I enjoyed it very much! Later this week I will send you a short summary of what I've learned in Rome.

foto notturna della cupola di San Pietro

Just a quick note to say that you succeeded to organise a brilliant workshop. Congratulations! The girls will have so many wonderful memories from the three days in Rome. Personally, our demonstration outside the observatory will be remembered for a long time! However, I could have mentioned a score of other things…
Have a long rest, but wait we need to organise ourselves for Oradea!
Our journey home was made interesting by one of our girls (Amrit) turning up at the airport without her passport! I fortunately had a photocopy of it and we managed to persuade all the officials to let her pass! We don't know where the passport was lost. You may even find it when tidying up your room.
All the best and see you in Oradea,

Dear Leonarda,
We want to thank you for all you have done for us. My team is very greatfull to you.
For them it was a great experience to see Rome (for me too).
I am waiting you tell me when you'll buy the tickets for Oradea. I think the best is to come to Cluj-Napoca, like we did, or to come to Budapest and we will organise the shuttle to Oradea when I have the number of your flight.
Warm regards and see you in Oradea,

Amazingly well organised by Leonarda.
Full of exciting activities.
School very welcoming.
Our girls had a wonderful time. They enjoyed staying with host families and had an experience that they would not have had if they had stayed in a hotel.
They had good opportunities to mix and to interact with the students from the host and partner schools. Perhaps we could have encouraged further mixing by choosing groupings in advance, but they mixed well in the orienteering activity.
cerimonia di apertura del meeting The Opening Ceremony was a positive experience, lovely music, although the speeches (particularly the UK one!) were a little too long perhaps.
The workshops were varied and interesting. Perhaps a little more time could have been given to these workshops (but that would have meant less time for other things!).
Star party was successful. The English did not bring their rain and cloudy weather as requested! The activity of building quadrants and azimuth devices and the competition was excellent as it encouraged sky watching!
It was nice to do something cultural (Caravaggio exhibition) which was particularly enjoyed by some, although not appreciated fully by others (I admire his skill, but the content of his paintings leave me cold — I am such a barbarian! I would certainly have been fed to the lions in Ancient Rome!)
We loved the demonstration at the Observatory. We were amazed at the Clementine sundial… there were so many interesting things…
The teacher feedback session was a useful exercise, although more time was needed (as was the case at our Amsterdam meeting).
In summary, Leonarda did a brilliant job in organising the meeting. A fantastic time was had by all.
Bernie Tedd

Dear Leonarda,
thank you very much for the workshop material. I send you the text of our workshop. I will work on the website during our Eastern holydays (in one week). I will send to you also the documents made by my pupils.
Every time I see Muriel and Pierre we talk about our meeting in Rome, and we agree that it was a very high quality of organisation, we took a lot of great pleasure in Rome.
Warm regards
PS: we bought the Russo book you advised us: "The forgotten revolution" about science in the ancient Greek world

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